Monday, July 6, 2009

Genting Trip (27.06.2009)

Last Saturday n Sunday. We(whole crazy family members) went to Genting. Wohoo... We planned it 4 very long time since last sem, bt alwayz postponed postponed n postponed. Finali.. we went ther last weekend.

When we were waitin shuttle bus in da skool, but we went to lrt station by taxi.

Rays were waitin 4 da bus

Sunway or Genting? Da ans is: Genting.

In KL Central, we met a gang of Taiwanese.

Snapped by a Taiwanese

They said i looked like pregnant, 1 at da front n 1 at da bac. @@...

Cable car

~10~ n Ah Bian

Little gal scared of cable car

While we were shopping..

6 of us + a ghost???


'Baby guai guai, Ah Dong sayang~'

C... ZiYi was very enjoyin.

Cool or wanna fight?

Hoi Ziyi, dun press my head


Cinema b4 da 'Blood' showed

Qiqi n ZiYi

Qiqi + ZiYi + ~10~

Ah Bian + Ah Dong + Rays

Rays + Ah Dong vs Transformers

After movie, we went 4 a walk n suddenly i saw tis.

'Ta Ma De' dustbin??

On da 2nd day, we went to outdoor theme park.

Our 1st 'train'

ZiYi n Qiqi were waitin 4 next turn




Happy family

JiJi n Rays

Accordin 2 ZiYi, they are...

Sexy Girl 2009

Miss 'Wan Jin' 2009

Miss Cowardice 2009

Miss Shopping Queen 2009

Cute Girl 2009

I onli realised i din take a photo 4 myself after i cam bac.

JiJi.. He took my hp n snapped his photo himself. @@..

I like tis photo

My 'bear'

Our awards??

Irene, u c i m so good, i stil remember u while i was in Genting.

Genting~~ We ll b bac again.

from ~10~

Friday, May 8, 2009

happy mother's day

oh no,1 week flies...
although we are crazy+sot plug
but we still very love and respect our "own" mother
by the time,we will love each other mother too,kakaka
see... how good we are.
juz spend a few days at sch
all balik kampung again
so lame...
happy mother's day to all of urs mom
wish her always in a pink of health,
stay happy and stay in young (like us) wahahaha
feel like 2 sing k,
when we wanna to go?

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


过后大家就各忙各的,等到下午就跟一大群朋友去逛pasar malam,走不到几步,全都失散了,剩下姐妹6人继续逛大街。又再一次买了我们的family uniform。

from ~10~

When the Cat is far away,
The Mice will come out to play,
That is how it will be,
Welcome to "Six Lively Sister Character".

Y.Y is eldest sister,
Who always give them bait and laugh her fat.

C.L is second sister,
Who always practice her husband until very late.

Third sister is S.L,
Who always wake up late and eyes swelling.

Fourth sister is L.C,
Who always timidity and shy with other people.

L.L is fifth sister,
Who always like to play the song call "A Rainy Day".

Z.Y is their yonger sister,
Who always make noise and the Queen of laughter.

So......These are the funny youger sister,
Who make up the "Six Lively Sister Character" and now already upgrade become "Crazy Family".

Why??Don't you believe me,hah!!?

Hope you all enjoy this message,
Have a happy and wonderful day.

From: Ziyi

Friday, April 24, 2009



大姐: 阿扁(绝对不是台湾的阿扁!!)
二妹: 阿东(某废人取的名字)
三妹: 喵~~(名字的由来说来话长,唉~~)
四妹: 琪琪(最正常的花名)
五妹: 10(分开来念),她很废,废到你难以相信。
小妹: 骚包,因为她很骚外加很暴力。哈哈~~


from 阿扁